Sharing Platinum Reseller links On Facebook

Facebook does block many links, especially, it seems, any redirect or referral links, so the best way to get around that would be to use your own domain/website with hosted landing pages. This shouldn't have a problem if you just use a .com or .com/pagename for this.

You are always at the mercy of FB or any social platform and only help to build up their platforms when you only use a fan page etc instead of actually owning your own list.

There are several way to get around a ban on Facebook - or any other social media:


You can set up a landing page on your own domain that is not blocked by FB.   Put a simple headline about how to get access to $1000 worth of free training.  This gets people onto your list first THEN send them the links to the free silver passes in autoresponder follow ups.


 You can set up something like we did here and here


You could give away a free report via your own landing page on social media (again hosted on your own domain) and inside the free report put all 10 of your free silver pass links - perhaps with a review/summary for each membership site


You can put the free access pass on the top half of the page with some kind of impulse purchase offer just under it for a chance to monetize the traffic right away.  This option doesn't collect opt-ins on the free report as lead gen isn't the goal from this kind of casual traffic.  You can see an example here: . This promotion works well via twitter and FB

There are lots of ways to get around FB's ban on the Membership Command URLs.  We're actually putting together a 'promote' page for all our resellers inside the Membership Command dashboard over the coming weeks with strategies, tactics and smarter ways to market your links.

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