Membership Command Q & A

Q: Can I change the logos, text, etc

A: The beauty of the 10 membership sites is that they are "Done For You" which means there is nothing for you to do - and nothing that you can change.  If you notice any errors, please bring them to our attention and we will get them corrected.

Q: How long has this deal actually been on the market?

A: This package been on the market a few years but completely updated this year so there is definitely no saturation since every day new people enter the online business and marketing arena. In fact in the past couple years another 1 Billion people have gotten online for the first time

Q: What is the sending frequency of the emails?

A:  Frequency of emails is typically a few each month.  This is just the passive income side.  You should be focused on direct income on your end by giving away Silver passes and earning on upgrades and at the highest level selling the Platinum offer direct.

Q: Why is there only a squeeze page at the silver level and not at the Gold level?

A: There is only the Silver membership squeeze page because that is the beginning of the funnel for prospects - once they sign up for Silver, the Gold level is offered as an OTO... and so on

Q: How do I get my members to upgrade?
A: If the prospect "sticks" at Silver level on signup - they are offered the Gold upgrades inside their accounts and via promotional emails.