Connecting Membership Command Reseller Account to Aweber

Log in to your account and on the Reseller Settings Tab, Click on CONNECT AWEBER

In the window that Aweber presents to you, you are asked to enter your AWEBER username and password to give permission to Membership Command to access your Aweber Account:

As soon as  you click ALLOW ACCESS, Aweber connects (assuming the login name and password were correct), and returns you to Membership Command showing that Aweber is now connected.

Now, in List Settings,  follow the numbers...

  1. Select the Membership Site you are dealing with
  2. Click to select the autoresponder (see next image)
  3. Select the list from the autoresponder
  4. Save the list setting

When you click on "Select Autoresponder" you will get a list of all the options - but you really only want to use one you know you have set up:

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