Quick Start Guide for Ultimate Resellers

To sell Platinum memberships directly, you need to download the Reseller kit

You will find you receive the following items: Be sure to read the License! 

Personalize the sales page to add your own BUY NOW button. We recommend you do this using a text editor. This is NOT as scary as it sounds! On the sales page, you will see that there is the line of text:

When you edit the index.html in a plain old text editor, find this code:

Replace it with the Buy Now Button code from your payment processor - PayPal, etc. Save it and view the page - you will see your Buy Now Button there!

Then upload the contents of the folder "Sales Page" to your server. That is where you get the URL of the "index.html" and that is the URL you promote.  You can do this via cPanel or by using an FTP program such as FileZilla.  There are  many videos on YouTube showing this.

(PLEASE NOTE: these videos are merely suggestions.  We are not connected with the authors and in no way endorse anything they say)

Once your site is uploaded - you will have a URL for the index.html page.  You need to drive traffic to this link - you can watch the Traffic Generation Club videos if you need some help here!

Once someone purchases and you receive the payment, you create their account - using the Manage Members page - the system automatically sends the login details to the email you enter there.

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