How do I resell a product I bought a license to?

You have purchased a license to sell access to a high value Membershp Site! 

  • As an Ultimate Reseller, you are promoting the Platinum license
  • As a Platinum Reseller you are promoting access to each of the 10 membership sites

This is the angle you need to take when preparing your promotions and advertisments. 

Ultimate Reseller  - due to the initial cost of the Platinum license you are offering, it would be much better to "warm" your traffic - get them on your list and build a relationship with them. Until you have a list - we recommend you use the Platinum Reseller tactics to build your list

Platinum Reseller - you give out your links for Free Silver Membership to each of the sites. That way, you can build your list. In addition, once a member signs up, they are encouraged to upgrade to Gold and then to Platinum - and you still get the commissions. You can also work toward building a valuable relationship with them yourself via your autoresponder newsletters, etc  Once you have a list of subscribers with whom you have a relationship, you can market other products, including affiliate promotions.

You have full access to the Silver and Gold videos in each of the membership sites from inside your Reseller Account - we recommend you use the videos to further you own business if necessary - eg Traffic Generation Club, etc

This is not a "magic bullet" that will make money instantly but over time, usually within 1 year, with the right tactics, our license holders make back their investment and more. All your referrals are encouraged to upgrade from Silver to Gold and Gold to Platinum - for the commission structure, see the Related Articles.

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