Completing Your Platinum Reseller Account Setup

Your 10 sites in Membership Command are all set up and waiting for you to promote.  You can see the structure/flow of each site in our article " How Membership Command Works"  

You need to complete the 3-Step Account Setup before you can access your Reseller Account: CLICK HERE if you have not already done this

In this article:

We will work through the items in the menu:

My Account

This page gives you all the information we hold about your account - your username, password, registered name and email.

This is also  the command center for your own 10 Membership sites 

  • You can login by clicking LOGIN LINKS then choosing the site  you want to log in to
  • You can download the Promotional Pack for each site by clicking Promotional Pack

Reseller Settings

On this page you fill out your "company wide" settings.  These were addressed in the article Setting Up Your Reseller Account In Membership Command .  We suggest you refer back should you need to.

  • Your company name, PayPal email ID and your Affiliate IDs for the payment processors.  The Affiliate ID's will be used to modify the links in the Recommended section for your Gold and Silver referrals. Please be sure to request authorisation to promote all PromoteLabs Products.  You can find the links you need to do so by clicking the link given for each payment processor

    Note: To check the affiliate links are indeed yours (but we assure they are!) you need to register as a referral to one of your sites, log in as the referral and check the links for the Recommended products.  If you merely use the login links from your reseller account then you are viewing the Recommended products as yourself and the links will be those of your sponsor.
  • Your Logout Rotator URL.  See Related Articles for more information on the Logout Rotator URL
  • Autoresponder Integration: You can connect your Membership Command account quickly and easily with any autoresponder listed. If  you are using an autoresponder NOT listed, just click on "Using other Autoresponders?  Click here to add"
  • Add a Bonus Download URL to a page you have created offering bonuses for any members who upgrade from Silver to Gold membership (You could use Commission Gorilla to create your page!)

Affiliate Settings

This page comprises 2 parts

Affiliate Information and Legal Requirements

You need to

  1. Read the information with regard to the commissions, accounting and tax requirements as an Ultimate Reseller
  2. Click to Set up/Edit your affiliate profile - giving your full address, Social Security Number etc

Affiliate Administration Area

This is where you can see what commissions have been paid to you and your referrals

List Settings

This is where you link each of your 10 sites to the autoresponder and list you want the subscribers to be added to.

You must first have integrated the autoresponder service  in the  Reseller Settings Section

Banner Ads

This is where you can promote other products to your members.   If you don't add your own banners, those of your sponsor will show here.  If you have your favorite program or product, do feel free to add the banners here.  If you don't, we suggest you promote our own high-converting programs

We showcase them at

You can have 4 banners, each banner should be equal or less than 800px total or Height 400px.  For the product(s) you want to promote, find the appropriately sized banner - often on the JV/promo page. 

You can either use the banner where it is by copying the URL of the banner and pasting it into your Banner set up area; or you can upload the banner of your choice right here in the banner setup area (we host it for you)

Then add your affiliate link for each banner  and check which of the 10 sites you want this banner to be shown on.

Now as your members watch the videos, it'll be your banners that are rotated on their screen

Reseller Links

Here you can find your links to promote each of the 10 sites individually.  You will find 3 links for each site

  1. HOSTED VERSION OF Silver MEMBERSHIP PAGE WITH FREE ACCESS - we recommend promoting this link as the "Freemium" model converts really well
  2. REGISTRATION FORM FOR FREE Silver MEMBERSHIP - This would be the link to use if you have written a blog post or review about the site and by the time your prospect has clicked - he is ready to register
  3. PAID VERSION OF Silver MEMBERSHIP PAGE  - if you prefer to "sell" access to the site, use this link

Reseller Stats

Click here to see all your sales of each of the 10 sites

Manage Members

Here you can locate a member's record by type, name or status

(Please note that as a Platinum Reseller you do not have the facility to manually create accounts)

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