How to use Your Membership Command Ultimate Reseller

You have purchased an Ultimate Reseller License, the highest level license, so you can sell the 10 site package for $497 (or more) and payments go directly to you. 

As an Ultimate Reseller License holder you should be focused on selling the 10 site license package for $497 (or higher if you want). 

You should do very well with it as long as your audience is targeted for that offer. We have Ultimate Resellers who have done 6 figures with this. Feel free to add it to your sales funnels, do webinars etc but this should really be your focus now.

There are just two rules: Sell for a minimum of $497 on it's own... or include it if your product costs $1,000+

We suggest you log in to your account and actually set up your profile. That way you will be able to get first hand experience and be able to understand how it all fits together. You will also find links to all relevant pages inside your account.

We suggest you start by following the step by step instructions given in these articles:

Bearing in mind the initial cost of the license you are offering, it would be best to "warm" your traffic - get them on your list and build a relationship with them. In order to build your list we recommend you resort to Platinum Reseller tactics for a short while, viz: give out your links for Free Silver Membership to each of the sites. You can do this on traffic exchanges, solo ads, social media, etc.  That way, you can build your list and start building trust and a relationship with your subscribers through a series of autoresponder messages. In addition, once a member signs up, they are encouraged to upgrade to Gold and then to Platinum - and you still get the commissions.  

Now you will have a list of subscribers with whom you have a relationship and to whom you can market other products, including affiliate promotions.

You can always contact our helpful support team by clicking the orange beacon in the bottom right of your screen.  See: 

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