How can I request a refund for Ultimate Reseller License?

Frankly... we're wondering:  Why would you even consider requesting a refund?

We have a committed, knowledgeable support team who will be only too happy to assist you over the first few hurdles and get your account set up. We'd really like to work with you on this, because in all honesty, everyone who has purchased this and made a go of it has recouped their investment and then some. 

We are sure you know that refunds negatively affect our sales stats so you will understand that if you insist, we will refund - and reserve the right to permanently blacklist you.  You instantly LOSE the rights to resell the product and must remove from your systems all files that were downloaded.   

We wouldn't want you to proceed with an action that might negatively affect your business. If, before you purchase, you think you may be asking for a refund, we suggest NOT buying a license and letting others who will put their license to good use buy one instead of you.

To request a refund, send an email to help [at]  stating WHY you are asking for a refund

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